Brand Concept

1. Brand positioning: green leads fashion, creative and healthy life

Nanguo Taoyuan, where the mountains and rivers complement each other, where birds and flowers are fragrant, is adjacent to the Homei production base. The fresh air provides an excellent production environment for Hemei Ceramics; The quality of the product provides a guarantee. Homei Ceramics, savor the natural and harmonious realm of the harmony between man and nature, and share the perfect new life of fashion and health.

2. Brand slogan: Green and beautiful quality life

Green is full of vigor and vitality; green is closely related to life. Homei Ceramics takes advocating green and environmentally friendly quality life as its responsibility, pursues the harmonious development of people, society and the environment, and provides green, environmentally friendly and fashionable living space for the new generation of people who pursue high-quality life, making life pleasing to the eye.

3. Brand Concept: Pursue a Green New Life

Green and beautiful, healthy homes. No matter in the past or in the future, Homei Ceramics will unswervingly regard "green, environmental protection and fashion" as the use value of the product and the core value of the brand, and take the output of green, healthy and fashionable products as the fundamental meaning of the survival and development of the enterprise, Never stop pursuing the pace of green new life.

4. Brand proposition

Fashion Homei: Walk into Homei and play with the fashion vane

Homei Ceramics always pays attention to international trends, employs top international designers, takes cutting-edge design and fashion as the background, combines Chinese local cultural design products, and uses a new advanced space concept as a carrier to lead the post-8090 generation to play fashion vane and witness the world fashion trends.

Green Harmony: Walk into Homei and experience a new green life

Blindly pursuing sales, disregarding the health of products, or paying attention to people's livelihood, taking green environmental protection as the corporate philosophy, and always putting the health of consumers in the first place, different companies have given different answers. Under the guidance of the concept of green environmental protection, Homei Ceramics achieves healthy and environmental protection in all aspects of production through the selection of natural and environmentally friendly raw materials, the innovation of processes and the optimization of sewage systems. When consumers choose Homei, they not only choose green products, but also choose a green lifestyle.

Public Welfare Harmony: Entering Homei and Practicing the Spirit of Public Welfare

With a benevolent heart and a mind for the world, it takes the initiative to undertake the social responsibility of expanding employment, paying taxes and gathering money for the society. It is one of the key enterprises supported by the Foshan Municipal Government and undertakes a number of provincial and municipal scientific research projects. Actively engaged in environmental protection and public welfare undertakings, in the process of development and growth, we regard protecting the environment and repaying the society as our own mission, showing Homei Ceramics' high sense of social responsibility.