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Homei Ceramics is located in the "Millennium Pottery Capital" - Foshan, Guangdong. It is a strong brand directly under Guangdong Hemei Ceramics Co., Ltd. Founded in 2001, the brand is a large-scale Foshan local brand integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and diversified operations. The marketing network is all over the country, and the products are exported to overseas. With its strong ceramic production and research and development capabilities, the company has become the Foshan Municipal Government's Youfu Ceramics Enterprise and the Nanhai District "Eagle Plan" key support enterprise, and has undertaken a number of provincial and municipal scientific research projects.

Homei Ceramics takes fashion to lead the design as its creative purpose. All products are designed with individuality and trend as the design goal, and integrate creative and fashionable elements. The product line includes soft light natural stone, super hard marble, diamond, marble tile, flat full glaze, polishing Bricks, tiles, small antiques, wood grain bricks, light antiques and many other categories. Relying on a complete product supporting system, it provides a comprehensive fashion space integrating function, beauty, comfort and environmental protection for various spaces such as home and leisure, which is closer to the aesthetic vision of the post-80s. In the future, Homei Ceramics will continue to closely combine health and environmental protection with the company's own long-term development strategy, strive to explore the way of green, environmental protection, fashion and public welfare, continue to make efforts to jointly promote the low-carbon and environmental protection development of Chinese enterprises, and create new products for global users. Green, healthy and fashionable high-quality life.

Homei Ceramics will always adhere to the concept of "technological innovation, product innovation", based on the new generation of products on the market, continuous research and development, innovation, grasp the market trend for the new generation of consumers, lead the trend of fashion, decorate a better living life, become a 80.90 Elites love brands.